b'220 ScienceSink & Float Separation Currents Viscosity/GravityFS244\x1fKID-SIZED LM615 \x1f TT549 \x1f LAKESHORE MAGNIFIER CENTREBINOCULARS - SET OF 6LAKESHORE LIQUID DISCOVERY TUBESOur heavy-duty magnifiers are designed just for ChildrenexploretheirsurroundingswithHeres a wonderful way to discover and explorekids!They feature thick quality lenses that magnify easy-to-use binoculars made just for them!the properties of liquids!Children just shake,without distorting and sturdy plastic frames with Each pair of binoculars has 3X magnifica- turn, flip or tilt our tubes to watch gravity inchunky handles.Plus, the 6 magnifiers come in a tion and features a neck strap with a safeaction, observe how liquids separate, view waterhardwood centre to keep them within reach.Each breakaway closure.Set includes 6 pairs ofcurrents, learn about buoyancy, and more!Setmagnifier measures 8". 164.95rugged plastic binoculars in 3 colours; eachincludes 4 leakproof plastic tubes.Each tubeTT548 \x1f Extra Magnifierpair measures 4 14 ". 61.95 measures 5". 164.95 Comes in red; measures 8". 24.95DD970XSCIENCE Shown:MagnetsINSTANT LEARNING CENTRES -COMPLETE SETHands-on science discoveries are easier than everwith activity-filledEach centre has enough materials centres that come ready to use!for up to 4 children! Designed for up to 4 children at once, each centre has everythingChart is double-sided!kids need to build science skills step-by-stepincluding a double-sided chart with picture instructions thatmakeiteasytowork independentlyevenfor nonreaders.Just set out the materials, introduce the activitiesand let kids explore each centre at their own pace!Complete set includes 8 centres, each with a write & wipe assessment card to track childrens progress. 539.95Each centre is also available separately.Each69.95 DD978\x1fAnimals TT691 Five Senses\x1fTT692 Life Cycles TT697 Weather & Seasons\x1f \x1fDD975\x1fNutrition DD973\x1fMagnets(Shown.)TT696 PlantsDD974\x1fBugs & Insects\x1fLakeshore'