b'216 STEMGoldilocks & the Three Bears The Three Little PigsThe Three Billy Goats GruffPP640X\x1fFAIRY TALES PROBLEM SOLVING STEM KITS - SET 1Each kit is also available separately.Kids engineer happier endings to fairy talesas they design a house that cant bePP639 \x1fGoldilocks & the Three Bears Kit40 pegs, 36 plat-blown down, construct a bridge that keeps 3 goats safe from the troll and build aforms, 4 figures, cards and a guide.Longest platform is 5 38 ". 89.95chair even Goldilocks cant break!Our kits help children discover the STEM in theirPP637 \x1fThe Three Little Pigs Kit18 foam blocks, 36 panels favourite fairy talesand naturally inspire them to explore each challenging situa- in 2 sizes, 3 pigs, a wolf, cards and a guide.Blocks are 1 12 ". 89.95tion until they find a solution!You get all 3 kits; each kit includes a STEM-focusedPP638 \x1fThe Three Billy Goats Gruff Kit35 wooden blocks story card, building materials, plus student and teacher cards with lesson planswith hook & loop fastener, 3 goats, a 4" troll, cards & a guide.114.95and full support. 289.95 DD121\x1fSURVIVE THE QUAKE ENGINEERING KITLittleengineerssharpentheir buildingskillsastheydesign and test structures on our one-of-a-kindearthquakesimulator!BT363\x1fThe platform creates quakes inHandy knob controlsBEE-BOT5 levels of intensityand comesthe strength ofPROGRAMMABLE with30plasticbricksthe quake! ROBOTKids just push in a variety of shapesthe buttons on top of this adorable and sizesso studentsbeepress GOand watch asit canexperimentwithfollows their every command! Ideal for lots of different struc- helpingkidsunderstandcause& tures.Kids build oneffect, directionallanguage theplatform,turntheand early programming, the knobthenwatchasrobotic bee can carry out theirbuildingstands200 consecutive com-strongor topples over.mandsincluding Plastic platform is 7 12 ". movingforward 4AAbatteriesnotandbackwardand included. 71.95 turning left and right! WitharechargeableBeep! Program the bee battery, a USB cable and 1 Beep! using the buttons! a guide. Measures 54 " long. 169.95Lakeshore'