b'Language 181BASIC SKILLSShown:Category SortingB says /b/I can hear myself talking!EE538\x1fHEAR MYSELF SOUND PHONEThis ingenious phone lets kids hear themselvesDD755X\x1fMAGNETIC LANGUAGE LEARNING RODS - COMPLETE SETtalkand really focus on every sound they make!Our magnetic rods give kids tons of practice with early language skills!Each durable wooden rod is Perfect for exploring letter sounds, phonememagneticand shows a descriptive word, category or sequencing topic for kids to match.Kids simply blending, sound manipulation and more, theplace magnets right on each rodto sort objects into the correct category, identify items that match a 6 34 " molded plastic phone is sized just right fordescriptive word or arrange magnets in a logical sequence.You get all 3 sets, each with 8 rods, 32 kids.Handle is lightweight and easy to grip. magnets and an activity guide.Rods measure 9" long.209.95Each11.95 DD761\x1fDescriptive WordsKids match items to descriptive words, such as tall and soft. 71.95EE539\x1fHear MyselfDD759\x1fCategory SortingKids sort what belongs in a closet, a toolbox & more.(Shown.) 71.95Sound Phone - Set of 10 114.95 DD760\x1fSequencingKids sequence the steps to bake a cake, wash a dog and more.71.95TT830X\x1fLANGUAGEShown:Story SequencingINSTANT LEARNING CENTRES - COMPLETE SET Each centre has enough materials Our instant centres make independentfor up to 4 children! learning a breeze, even for nonreaders! The centres have all kids need to build beginning language skillsfrom wordChart is double-sided!building and rhyming sounds to sight-word recognition.Just set out the materials, introduce the activityand let students work at their own pace!Each ready-to-use centre is designed for up to 4 children to work at once, with a double-sided instruction chart that gives everyone easy access to the activitiesandsimplepicture instructions students can follow on their own.All 8 centres. 469.95Each centre is also available separately. Each58.95TT833\x1fStory Sequencing(Shown.) TT827 \x1fBuilding WordsTT822\x1fBeginning Sounds EE181 \x1fSyllable CountTT821\x1fRhyming Sounds EE187 \x1fSight-WordsTT824\x1fLetter Recognition EE188 \x1fSimple SentencesPrices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'