b'Active Play 21y - Ride V e h ia s c lE esLA155\x1fLAKESHORE LA154\x1fLAKESHORELA153\x1fLAKESHOREJUMBO TRIKE (4-7 years) SCHOOL TRIKE (3-6 years) FIRST TRIKE (1-3 years)Extra-long and low to the ground, our Jumbo TrikeSafe, comfy & easy to ridethis classic trike is aEven tiny tots can cruise around on this trike!is just right for slightly bigger riders.The pedals andplayground favourite!Its designed for superiorScaled just for toddlers, it has a low 11" seat handlebars are angled to accommodate longer armsstability, yet its so easy to pedal, children canand easy-push pedalsplus a special design and legs.The large, comfy seat is perfectly positionedmake it go effortlessly.Plus, it has a contouredthat allows it to be used as a scoot-along to resist tipping, while the backrest keeps ridersseat and concealed hardware for safety.by children who arent ready for pedaling. secure.Measures 34 14 " in length; seat is 12" high.29 12 " in length; seat is 13 12 " high.GuaranteedTrike measures 23 12 " in length.Guaranteed Guaranteed for 5 years.Simple assembly. 599.95 for 5 years.Simple assembly. 589.95 for 5 years.Simple assembly.489.95LA758\x1fLAKESHORE EASY-RIDE LA157\x1fLAKESHORE TAXI-TRIKE (3-7 years)CHOPPER TRIKE (3-6 years)Kids feel confident, comfortable and Heres a tricycle built for two!This extra-long trike cool when they take our fun-to-ride chopper trike for a spin!The contem- has two roomy, contoured seats, so both driver and passenger enjoy a porary, tip-resistant design features sleek, high handlebars & an oversizesafe, comfortable ride.Plus, its a breeze to pedaleven with someone in front tire, plus a comfy, low-to-the-ground seat and no-slip pedals that arethe backseat!The super-sturdy trike also has a rugged, no-slip platform in a cinch for young riders to push.Super-stable trike measures 34 12 " inback that provides a solid footrest.Trike measures 43 14 " in length; seats are length; seat is 6" high.Guaranteed for 5 years.Simple assembly. 649.95 16" high.Guaranteed for 5 years.Simple assembly.919.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'