b'Furniture 119CLASSROOM DISPLAYBlank magnetic write &Magnetic write & wipe wipe board on one side. board on one side.Hook & loop-receptive Lined write & wipesurface on back is great surface on the other side! for sticking on props!Handy rings & tray holdHandy rings hold charts, big books & more. JJ516\x1fDOUBLE-WIDE TEACHING EASELcharts, tablets & more.WITH LOCKING CASTERSOur versatile easel makes it incredibly easy to exploreLM514\x1fHARDWOOD MOBILE TEACHING concepts with the whole classwith an extra-wide designEASELPerfect for teachers who love a natural-that gives you lots of room to write, teach and display!Thelooking spacewith all the features they appreciate mobile easel has a magnetic write & wipe board on eachin a traditional easel!Our durable birch easel has a side:One is blank, and one has permanent lines that aremagnetic write & wipe board on one side and a hook & perfect for modeled writing.Plus, it has rings on top toloop-receptive surface on the othera handy tray for hang pocket charts, a tray for displaying big books, chartsbig books, markers & morerings for hanging charts and posterseven a roomy shelf to store tons of supplies.and tabletsa roomy shelf on bottom to keep supplies Shelf underneath hasSturdy steel-frame easel rolls on 4 locking casters.organizedplus 4 locking casters for easy mobility.Spacious shelf keeps tons of storage space! Measures 35 12 "w x 52"h.Easy assembly. 979.95 Measures 30"w x 58"h.Easy assembly. 1,249.95 supplies within reach!SAFETY WALL MIRRORS FF524\x1f TABLETOP TEACHING EASEL Set up an Little ones are delighted when they discover their reflections in ourinstant learning station anywherethis compact tabletop nondistorting shatterproof mirrors!Each thick,14 " mirror is madeeasel is perfect for one-on-one instruction with individual chil-of super-tough plastic and comes with directions for temporary ordren or for small-group lessons!Rugged hardwood easel permanent wall mounting.Choose from 3 sizes below.features a magnetic write & wipe board on fronta sturdy ledge to hold books, markers and moreplus a convenientStorage chart on back LC404\x1fSmall Safety Wall Mirror - 2\' x 2\' 299.95 storage chart on back with roomy pockets and pouchessokeeps all your materials LC224\x1fMedium Safety Wall Mirror - 2\' x 4\'(Shown.) 489.95 frequently used teaching tools and supplies are always withinwithin easy reach!LC402\x1fLarge Safety Wall Mirror - 3\' x 3\' 649.95 reach!17 12 "w x 11 12 "d x 21"h; folds flat for storage.199.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'