b'Manipulatives 29PatterningSorting CountingLC590X\x1fLIGHT TABLE MANIPULATIVE CENTRE LC695X\x1fLIGHT TABLE All the manipulatives you need to explore the properties of colour & light while build- MATH TRAYS - ing math, language and science skills at the same time!Our 3" x 4 12 " plastic tubs areCOMPLETE SETfilled with a huge variety of translucent plastic piecesfrom letters & numbers toIlluminate math concepts with pattern blocks & colour chips.Perfect for practice with everything from counting toclear trays made especially forMath trays keep manipulatives creating colour combinations, our tubs come in a handy metal storage rack that giveslight tables!Kids just place light children super-easy access to the materials they need!The 20 58 " rack includes alltable manipulatives right into ain place as children work!8 tubs shownfor over 1,000 pieces! 209.95 tray to sort, count or patternand the handy molded compartments prevent Each tub of manipulatives is also available separately.work from shifting & keep unused pieces within reach.You get all 3sturdy LC586 \x1fGems 80 pcs. 21.95 LC587 \x1fBugs64 pcs. 21.95 plastic trays; largest is 9 12 " x 17".Manipulatives sold sep. at left. 62.95LC585 \x1f PatternLC582 \x1fColour Chips 21.95 Each Math Tray is also available separately.500 pcs.Blocks65 pcs. 21.95 LC589 \x1fNumbers30 pcs. 21.95 LC693\x1fPatterning Tray 21.95LC583 \x1fButtons21.95 LC581 \x1fDominoes56 pcs. 21.95 LC694\x1fSorting Tray 21.95200 pcs.LC588 \x1fLetters26 pcs. 21.95 LC692\x1fCounting Tray 21.95RA432\x1fCRYSTAL BUILDING BLOCKS LK467\x1fCRYSTAL CLIMBERS LL453\x1fSEE-INSIDE MAGNETIC BLOCKSOur translucent blocks snap together with easeandOur see-through builders let kids create cool,These translucent blocks give kids an up-close view add a shimmering touch to brick building! Kids cancolourful designs that climb in all directions! of magnetism in action!As children build, they can even use them with our Colour-Changing Light TablesThe 172 plastic pieces come in 4 fun shapessee the embedded magnets flip to create a solid, (p.28)andwatchthelightshinethrough!Setandcoloursandhaveaslotteddesignsono-fail connection every timewhether kids con-includes 168 easy-fitting plastic pieces in 2 shapestheyre easy to slide together.Cylinder piecesstruct upward or side to side.36 durable blocks in and 6 colours.Large blocks are 2 12 " in length. 84.95 are 2" tall. 54.95 2 shapes and 6 colours; each block is 1 38 ". 169.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'