b'78 FurnitureHEAVY-DUTYDG245DG244DG244HELP-YOURSELF HEAVY-DUTY BOOKSTAND - 3-FOOT WIDEDG261HEAVY-DUTY HOLDS EVERYTHING STORAGE UNITOur heavy-duty, space-saving unit keeps books easy to seeand easy toOur unit really does hold everythingfrom small letter blocks to reach!Four sturdy, staggered shelves provide neat, highly visible displayextra-large board games!The 3 open shelves and 4 big cubbies space for lots of booksall at the perfect height for children to helpneatly display supplies and keep them within reach so kids can themselves.Durable laminate bookstand features wipe-clean surfaces andeasily help themselves!You can even add our clear-view bins rounded corners for safety.Unit measures 36"w x 15"d x 30"h.G REENGUARD(sold separately below) to organize hard-to-store items.Laminate Certified.Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled! 999.95 unit measures 38"w x 15 14 "d x 30"h. G REENGUARDCertified.DG245HELP-YOURSELF HEAVY-DUTY BOOKSTAND - 4-FOOT WIDELifetime warranty.Comes assembled! 1,299.95Just like our sturdy unit above, only featuring an extra-wide design that hasLM114Clear-View Bins - Set of 4room to hold even more books!Rugged laminate bookstand features easy- Each plastic bin is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 74.95care, wipe-clean surfaces.Measures 48"w x 15"d x 30"h.G REENGUARD Certified.Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled! 1,199.95DG182DG181HEAVY-DUTY CUBBIES & SHELVES STORAGE UNITS DG180Featuring easy-access storage and heavy-duty construction that will last for years, our child-friendly units provide ampleDG180 \x1fHeavy-Duty Low Storage Unit55 35 "w x 15"d x 22 12 "h. 1,349.95space for all your classroom essentials!Available in 3 convenientLM102 \x1fClear-View Bins - Set of 6Each is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 119.95sizes, the durable, wipe-clean laminate units have extra-longDG181 \x1fHeavy-Duty Medium Storage Unit55 35 "w x 15"d x 30"h. 1,749.95shelvesforoversizematerials,handycubbiestoorganizeWT111 \x1fClear-View Bins - Set of 8Each is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 159.95smalleritemswithorwithoutbins(soldseparately),plus rounded corners with protective edgebands.G REENGUARDDG182 \x1fHeavy-Duty Large Storage Unit55 35 "w x 15"d x 36 12 "h. 1,899.95Certified.Lifetime warranty.All units come assembled! LM120 \x1fClear-View Bins - Set of 10Each is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 199.95Lakeshore'