b'Dramatic Play 55RR212\x1fLAKESHORE BARNVisit a country farmwithout leaving the classroom!Our big wooden barn has swing-open gates, roomy corralseven a spacious loft.Plus, the barn is com-pletely open in backgiving children plenty of room to reach in and play.16"w x 8"d x 13 34 "h.Animals sold separately below. 249.95RR250\x1fCLASSIC FARM ANIMAL COLLECTIONHere are all the realistic animals children need to set up their own farm!Set of 19 heavy-duty vinyl figures, plus a guide.Largest cow is 5 12 ". 109.95Open back for easy access inside!DC346 \x1f CLASSIC DINOSAUR COLLECTION GG529\x1fCLASSIC OCEAN ANIMAL COLLECTIONChildren come face-to-face with their favourite prehistoric creaturesrightAll of childrens favourite sea creaturesin one amazing collection!Top-in the classroom!Our collection features 8 popular species children willquality set includes everything from a manatee and tiger shark to crabs and lovefrom a baby stegosaurus to a giant tyrannosaurus!You get 16 vinyltropical fishall made of super-durable vinyl.You get 21 animals & a guide; dinosaurs and a guide; large brachiosaurus measures 7 12 " tall.109.95 humpback whale is 8 12 ". 109.95BT183 \x1f BEST-BUY TUB OF ANIMALS BT224 \x1f GIANT BUG COLLECTIONAlmost every kind of animalin one value-packed set!YouFrom beetles and grasshoppers to an ant and a scorpion, our critter-filled collection is crawling get 100 realistically detailed vinyl animalsfrom mammalswith gigantic bugs!You get 24 realistic, oversize vinyl creatures with tons of details for children to and birds to insects and dinos!Lion is 3 78 ". 109.95 examine.The tarantula is a huge 6" wide.Includes a full-colour bug identification guide. 81.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'