b'Manipulatives Manipulatives 35Connect from any anglefor unlimited design possibilities!EE329\x1fMAGNETIC PATTERN BLOCK BUILDERS3-D MAGNETIC BUILDERSIts easy to create fun 3-D constructionsWith magnets built right into the edges, our easy-connect pattern blockswith magnetic builders that connect on every sideat any angle!The plastic encourage hours of creative building fun!These colourful, translucent blocksshapes have safe, fully contained magnets that are a cinch to connectand come in a variety of fascinating shapes kids love to mix and match.Powerfulonly one side of each piece is coloured, so kids know which sides attract and magnetic edges help the blocks stick together from many sides and angles,which repel!Square measures 2 38 ". making it easy for kids to build up and out.Best of all, as children explore and create, they get a hands-on introduction to geometry!Set of 46 durable plasticRA468Starter Set32 pcs. in 2 shapes and 4 colours.114.95blocks in 6 shapes and 6 colours.Hexagon measures 3 12 " wide. 109.95 RA469Class Set80 pcs. in 2 shapes and 4 colours.(Shown.) 269.95BR569\x1fCLIP & CREATE BUILDERS BIG BOLT CONSTRUCTION SETSClip together a colourful car, a bold robot and more with our unique set ofGive children an irresistible introduction to toolswith construction sets sized builders!Children simply use the linking pieces to latch rectangles, circles,for small hands!Children use safe plastic hammers and wrenches to connect squares, triangles and more togetherfor endless design possibilities.Plus,the chunky bolts, wheels, joints and moreimproving planning and motor skills the pieces are a breeze to connectso even little ones can develop eye/handas they build.Hammers measure 7".Each set comes in a handy storage tote.coordination as they play!Set includes 80 durable plastic pieces in 8 brilliantCS833\x1fStarter SetSet of 100 plastic pieces. 129.95colours; rectangles measure 4 12 ". 69.95 CS834\x1fClass SetSet of 200 plastic pieces.(Shown.) 239.95RR416\x1f COLOUR-LE298\x1fMAGNETIC DRAWING BOARDCHANGINGThis handy, no-mess magnetic board provides sensory stimulation as TOUCH BOARD kids draw!Children simply use the included magnetic stylus to lift Children press theirthe encased metal beads to the surfaceforming pictures, letters, hands on our hard- numbers and shapeswhatever they imagine.Then they just swipe wood colour-changingthe beads with the stylus or push them down with the tip of a finger to boardandleavemagicallyerasethe behindasurprisingboard and start again! impression!The heat- Durable plastic board sensitive board changesis 10" x 12 14 " and fea-colours as little fingerstures a built-in holder traceletters,drawfor the stylus. 49.95shapes and morefor hours of fine motor prac-tice and a fun introduction topre-writingskills. Featuring an easy-grip handle, the board includesUse stylus to bring a guide and measuresmagnetic beads 13" x 16 12 ". 104.95 to the surface!Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'