b'Furniture 77HEAVY-DUTYLIFETIMEWARRANTYDG243 DG242 DG241HEAVY-DUTY STORAGE UNITS DG241\x1fHeavy-Duty Toddler Storage Unit5 big compartments Convenient storage thats perfectly sized for your classroom!These sturdyare super-easy for toddlers to reach.46 12 "w x 15"d x 22 12 "h. 999.95units give children easy access to tons of toys and classroom materials.EachDG242\x1fHeavy-Duty Preschool Storage UnitPerfectly sized for has spacious, divided compartments to fit all your storage needsand youpreschoolers!5 roomy compartments; 46 12 "w x 15"d x 30"h. 1,299.95can select just the right height for your students!The rugged units featureDG243\x1fHeavy-Duty All-Purpose Storage Unit8 easy-access wipe-clean laminate surfaces, plus rounded corners with protective edge- 1 1bands for safety.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty. Assembled! compartments provide tons of storage.462 "w x 15"d x 362 "h. 1,449.95DG238 DG239DG233DG232DG232\x1fHEAVY-DUTY 8-CUBBY UNIT DG238\x1fHEAVY-DUTY COAT LOCKERS FOR 8Our space-saving unit is perfect for compact, accessible storageor Our classroom-friendly storage lockers make it easy for kids to put their for adding on to our larger unit below.The wipe-clean laminate unit hasbelongings away!The heavy-duty unit has 4 easy-access lockers that are just 8 roomy cubbies that can be used alone or with our clear-view bins, so itsthe right height for kidswith rounded hooks on both sides, so up to 8 kids easytostoreeverythingfromartmaterialstomanipulatives!can store their own coats, backpacks and more.Plus, the 8 cubbies are great 19 14 "w x 15"d x 30"h; with rounded corners for safety.G REENGUARDalone or with our bins (sold sep.)providing room for boots, books and lunches. Certified.Lifetime warranty.Bins sold sep. below.Assembled! 749.95 Rugged laminate unit has rounded corners; measures 46 12 "w x 15"d x 47 12 "h.12 G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.Comes assembled! 1,749.95WT111 Clear-View Bins - Set of 813 " x 8" x 5" high. 159.95DG233HEAVY-DUTY 20-CUBBY UNITWith 20 cubbies thatLM129\x1fSee-Inside Cubby Bins - Set of 89 18 " x 11" x 6 34 " high. 149.95are great alone or with our clear-view bins.Wipe-clean laminate unitDG239\x1fHEAVY-DUTY COAT LOCKERS FOR 10measures 46 12 "w x 15"d x 30"h.G REENGUARDCertified.LifetimeLike our unit above, but with 5 lockers and 10 cubbies.58"w x 15"d x 47 12 "h. warranty.Bins sold sep. below.Comes assembled! 1,449.95 G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.Bins sold sep.Assembled! 2,149.95LM103Clear-View Bins - Set of 2013 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 399.95 LM130\x1fSee-Inside Cubby Bins - Set of 109 18 " x 11" x 6 34 " high. 179.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'