b'Kids Coloursfurniture is available in 4 colours: Furniture 85LIFETIME KIDS COLOURSblue red yellow green WARRANTYAB323 AB322 AB321KIDS COLOURS CLASSROOM STORAGE UNITS For each unit below, please specify colour:blue, red, yellow or green.A place for everything and everything in its placethats what you get with theseAB321\x1fToddler Storage Unithandy storage units!They come in 3 convenient sizes, so every classroom gets justMeasures 46 12 "w x 16"d x 22 34 "h.1,149.95the right fit.The Toddler Unit features 5 big storage compartments that are easyAB322\x1fPreschool Storage Unitfor little ones to reach; the larger Preschool Unit has 5 giant storage compartmentsMeasures 46 12 "w x 16"d x 30 14 "h.1,399.95for tons of toys and supplies; and our All-Purpose Unit has an extra row of compartments for even more storage options!Plus, each one has safe, roundedAB323\x1fAll-Purpose Storage Unitcorners, vinyl edgebandsand laminate surfaces that are a breeze to keep clean. Measures 46 12 "w x 16"d x 36 12 "h. 1,649.95G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.All units come assembled!AB531Cabinet has key access for security.AB527AB531\x1fKIDS COLOURS 8-CUBBY UNIT Organized, easy-access storageanywhere youAB243\x1fneed it!Our compact unit has 8 cubbies thatLOCKING can be used alone or with our handy clear-view bins (sold separately below)and itsKIDSperfect on its own or added on to our larger AB527 unit.Measures 19 18 "w x 15"dCOLOURSx 30"h; with rounded edges and wipe-clean laminate surfaces. G REENGUARDSTORAGECertified.Lifetime warranty. Please specify colour:blue, red, yellow or green. CABINETComes assembled!899.95 Our locking WT111\x1fClear-View Bins - Set of 8Each is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 159.95 cabinetdoes AB527\x1fKIDS COLOURS20-CUBBY UNIT more than just store, protectand organize valuable classroom This spacious unit stores it allwith 20 roomy cubbies perfect alone or with our clear- equipmentit locks for security, too!The wipe-clean laminate view bins (sold sep. below).Measures 46 12 "w x 15"d x 30"h; with wipe-clean laminatecabinet features kid-safe vinyl edges, plus adjustable shelves. surfaces.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.Specify colour:blue, red,Measures 30"w x 24"d x 72"h.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime yellow or green.Assembled!1,699.95 warranty.Please specify colour:blue, red, yellow or green.Due to LM103\x1fClear-View Bins - Set of 20Each is 13 12 " x 8" x 5" high. 399.95 its size, this item requires assembly. 2,449.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'