b'58 PuzzlesFK400\x1fCHUNKY LEARNING PUZZLESIntroducechildrentouppercaseletters, numbers 1-20 and telling time with these beautifully crafted, chunky wooden puzzles! Each sturdy board has 12-26 easy-to-grabTW225\x1fBEGINNERS PEG PUZZLES pieces that are a cinch for kids to fit intoFrom wild animals to vehiclesthese wooden puzzles feature popular placepracticing everything from letter rec- themes that young children will love!Each self-correcting puzzle has ognition & sequencing to simple operations.9peg pieces that are easy for little hands to grab and manipulate.Children The clock even has movable hour & minutesimply match the pieces to the corresponding images on the boardhands!Set of 3 puzzles; largest is approx.building fine motor skills as they fit the pieces in place.Set includes 10 34 " x 11 14 ". 124.95 4 quality-crafted puzzles; each measures 8" x 11 12 ". 99.95FF520\x1fLEARN TO COUNT! PICTURE PUZZLESAs kids piece together our self-correcting puzzles, they get hands-on practice with numbers 1-10!Each puzzle represents a different numberwith a big numeral piece, plus a corresponding number of objects to count.Kids just place the pieces into each hardwood board, building number recognition and mastering one-to-one correspondence!You get 10 puzzles with raised pieces; each puzzle measures 7 12 " x 10". 144.95AA826\x1fALPHABET SOUNDS PICTURE PUZZLESWith this super-involving puzzle set, children build alphabet skillspiece by piece!Our 5-pieceLA859\x1f Alphabet Puzzles Storage Rack wooden puzzles have colourful, familiar images for every letter of the alphabetlike an apron for APerfectforusewithourAlphabetSounds and a zipper for Z.Plus, the name of each image is printed right on the puzzle board, with thePicture Puzzles, this handy wire storage rack target letter highlightedso as children fit the chunky pieces into place, they practice soundinghas 26 shelveseach labeled with a letter for out words and develop their vocabulary, too!Set includes 26 wooden puzzles with raised pieceseasy organization.Rack is 14 34 " wide. 97.95for easy handling; each puzzle is 6" x 9".Storage rack sold separately at right. 269.95Lakeshore'