b'186 Language \x1fLEARNING THE ALPHABET LA627 TEACHINGTUBS STORAGERACKOur double-sided storage rack is perfect for keeping our Teaching Tubs neat and accessible!The lightweight metal rack has a built-in handleanditholdsupto 30 tubs with the lids on or off.Rack measures 25"w x 18"h.Tubs sold separately. 149.95LC856\x1fALPHABET SOUNDS TEACHING TUBSA is for apple, acorn and alligatorB is for boat, bottle and banana!Perfect for exploring letter sounds, our Teaching Tubs let children identify and sort a variety of adorable miniatures, play memory games and build vocabulary skills.Each self-checking tub comes with 6 high-quality, educator-approved objects, plus uppercase and lowercase plastic lettersweve even included hard-to-find items like an igloo, an X-ray, a quilt and a working yo-yo.The 26 tubs come with a total of 208 letters and manipulatives, plus an extensive teachers guide filled with games, activities and teaching suggestions. 329.95AA719\x1fMAGIC BOARD PRINTING PRACTICE CARDSChildren just slip our ingenious practice cards onto ourMagic Board (soldJJ539\x1fWRITE & WIPE ALPHABET PRACTICE CARDSbelow)trace the preprinted lettersthen use the baselines to practiceChildren build alphabet skills letter by letterwith write & wipe printing on their own.Theres even a simple word on each card to helpcards they can use again and again!Each card has a familiar reinforce letter sounds!You get a set of 30 cards:one for each letter andimage that starts with a different letter, plus ruled baselines and four with the entire alphabet.Each card measures 5 18 " x 8". 53.95 dotted starter lines to print upper- and lowercase letters.Theres PP717\x1fLakeshore Magic Board even a traceable word at the bottom to reinforce letter sounds! Our plastic practice board measures 10" x 10 34 ".For a full description,Set of 26 cards; each measures 9" x 12". 34.95please see page 199. Each21.95 DD105\x1fWrite & Wipe MarkersPP717X\x1fLakeshore Magic Board - Set of 10 217.95 Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.95Lakeshore'