b'Dramatic Play 47HH806\x1fTreehouse Furniture SetAdorably detailed furniturefor every room in the treehouse!Sized tofittheLakeshoreGiantTreehouse,ourwoodensetfeatures everything from chairs with leaf-shaped backrests and lamps with mushroom shades to a coffee table with fun tree rings!Total of 46 pieces; sofa measures 5". 249.95bathroom nursery bedroom 1living room bedroom 2 kitchenHH817\x1fLAKESHORE GIANT TREEHOUSEOur irresistible play treehouse has all the charm of the real thing!The 3-story house features 6 spacious rooms that are easily accessible from the front and back.Plus, the treehouse is packed with tons of delightful details that turn every day into an outdoor adventurefrom fun rope ladders to a built-in slide!The treehouse is scaled to our Treehouse Furniture Set above and Pose & Play Families on page 46 (both sold separately).The hardwood play treehouse measures a big 23 12 "w x 16"d x 22 12 "h.Comes assembled. 589.95LC280 LC277 LC276 LC278LC281 LC279Each doll is also available separately.LC280\x1fConstruction Worker 51.95LC281\x1fChef 51.95LC277\x1fFirefighter 51.95LC275X\x1fOUR COMMUNITY WASHABLE DOLLSChildren discover the important work people doLC279\x1fMail Carrier 51.95in their community with our squeezably soft dolls!Featuring authentic embroidered details on permanentlyLC276\x1fDoctor 51.95attached,easy-to-recognizeuniforms,themulti-ethnic,machine-washabledollsarecarefullycraftedtoLC278\x1fPolice Officer 51.95withstand endless hours of play.Set of all 6 soft-sewn dolls; each measures 12" tall. 309.95LC437 LC436 LC433 LC382LC435 LC434Each doll is also available separately.LC437\x1fIndian Girl 51.95LC435\x1fRussian Boy 51.95LC436\x1fGhanaian Girl 51.95LC430X\x1fWASHABLE DOLLS FROM AROUND THE WORLDLC434\x1fChinese Boy 51.95With unique embroidered features and beautiful, traditional attire, our dolls help children explore culturesLC433\x1fMexican Girl 51.95from all over the world!Each 12" soft-sewn doll has a permanently attached outfit and is fully machine- LC382\x1fPeruvian Boy 51.95washableand super-cuddly!Set of all 6 dolls. 309.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'