b'176 Childrens BooksRA216\x1fCLASSIC BOARD BOOK STORY COLLECTION RA324\x1fMULTICULTURAL BOARD BOOK COLLECTIONThe perfect introduction to storybooks!Weve collected 8 classic childrensEven young children can explore our diverse worldwith this engaging board favourites filled with delightful stories and captivating illustrationsall in sturdybook collection!As little ones flip through the sturdy pages, they discover that board book editions that will last and last.The collection includes well-lovedchildren are wonderfully unique but also have a lot in common, whether theyre titles like Goodnight Moon, Jamberry and more.Set of 8 board books. 154.95 from Alaska, South Africaor somewhere in between.Set of 8 books.137.95RA351\x1fBEST BEHAVIOUR BOARDRA709\x1fDEALING WITH FEELINGSRA449\x1fMATH & SCIENCEBOOK COLLECTION Simple words andBOARD BOOK COLLECTION BOARD BOOK COLLECTIONMake math charming illustrations make it easy for even youngChildren learn how to cope with their feelingswithand science more approachable for early learners children to understand the benefits of goodbeautifully illustrated board books that foster social- with these delightful board books!Each features behaviourfrom staying healthy and respectingemotional growth!This collection includes 8 sturdysimple text and memorable illustrations that dem-others to learning positive ways to cope with theirboard books, each featuring simple language andonstrate counting, life cycles, weather and more! feelings!Set of 8 board books, each with helpfulexpressive illustrations that make concepts easy toYou get a set of 8 board books that are perfect tips for parents and caregivers. 169.95 understand. 134.95 for storytime or independent discovery. 159.95RA238\x1fRHYTHM & RHYME BOARD BOOK COLLECTION CA608\x1f YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY! BOARD BOOK These favourite books make it fun for children to explore sounds, build flu- COLLECTIONThis collection of inspiring board books is filled with diverse ency and more as they chant and sing along!With cheery illustrations andcharacters who discover self-worth through simple but signficant actions. simple, rhythmic text featuring rhyme and repetition, the 8 sturdy boardEach of the 6 books features vibrant artwork that draws children in, plus books in this collection are perfect for providing an engaging storytime expe- short, encouraging text that presents relatable day-to-day experiencesrience that reinforces memory skills and even boosts vocabulary! 124.95 helping kids understand themselves and others in a positive way. 96.95Lakeshore'