b'214 STEMShown:Motion TT155X \x1f STEM SCIENCE STATIONS - COMPLETE SETWith our innovative STEM Science Stations, chil-dren explore magnetism, motion and buoyan-cyastheycompletehands-onexperiments and engineering activities!Each station includes 8 cards that prompt students to perform simple experimentswith all the hands-on materials to complete each one.Plus, each station features an engineering activity to extend the learningandbuildcritical-thinkingandproblem-solving skills!You get all 3 stations, each with a guide and a wooden stand to display the 8" x 8" activity cards. 279.95Each station is also available separately. TT158 \x1f STEM Science Station - MotionStudentsgetahands-onunderstandingof objectsinmotionastheyracecartsdown ramps, launch bugs toward a target and more!(Shown.) 94.95TT156 \x1f STEM Science Station - Magnets Children use magnets to push cars up a ramp, move a magnetic mouse through a maze and moreastheylearnallaboutmagnetism and magnetic fields! 94.95TT157 \x1f STEM Science Station - Sink or Float From making a raft sink to getting a sea star to float, our hands-on experi-ments help children explore and understand the science behind buoyancy. 94.95PP750X\x1fDESIGN & BUILD ENGINEERING CENTRESEach centre is also available separately.What makes a bridge strong?How do vehicles roll, tow and carry things?OurPP751\x1fBridge Building CentreYou get 480 plastic bridge engaging building centres teach kids to look closer at real-life designsand makebuilding materials, plus 8 photo cards for exploring structure, design, original structures that use the same important elements!Created to encourageopen- attributes and more!Longest building piece measures 4 78 ". 86.95ended building with minimal teacher involvement, each centre includes 8 photoPP752\x1fVehicle Building CentreIncludes 60 plastic pieces cardsshowingactualbridges,vehiclesandbuildings,plustonsofhands-onand 8 photo cards for building vehicles, exploring designs and iden-manipulatives that invite children to build, explore and engineeragain and again!tifying attributes.Longest building piece measures 2 34 ". 86.95For easy reference, the back of each photo card explains key elements for each designso its a cinch to guide childrens learning.All 3 centres, each in an 11 12 "PP753\x1fHouse Building CentreStudents build their own 3-D plastic storage tub. 279.95 homes with 130 geometric, interlocking plastic pieces!Centre includes 8 photo cards.Longest building piece measures 4". 114.95Lakeshore'