b'18 Active Play Active PlayRE322\x1fLAKESHORE SENSORY FC589\x1fSOFT & SAFE COMET BALLS FF993\x1fSEE-INSIDE ACTIVITY BALLSBALL SET Exciting textures and eye- These soft & safe balls with comet-like tails add an extraKids get tons of sensory experiences as they catching colours give kids a stimulatinglevel of excitement to every toss and catch activity!Theroll, toss and bounce our see-through balls!sensory experience with every toss!Set of6easy-grip,squeezablecottonballsarecoveredinThe 4 plastic balls are filled with items of 10 easy-grip vinyl balls; largest is 4 34 ".Somedurable fabric to retain their shape through years of toughdifferentweights,shapesandsizesfrom balls need inflation with a standard ball pumpoutdoor play.Each measures 36" long. 72.95 floating feathers to bouncing beads.Balls (not included). 79.95 are 8" when inflated. 99.95FF536\x1fALPHABET BOWLINGThere are tons of ways forchildrentolearnwithour action-packed alphabet bowl-ing game!Kids simply set up the soft foam, freestanding let-SE416\x1f ters like pins, then choose a gameSTEP & BALANCE SENSORY STONES fromidentifyingletterstocreating These versatile stones help kids boost balance,simple words.Then they roll the ball coordination & confidence with every step!Each pre- andstrikethelettersdowntoget inflated stone has a nubby surface that enhances grip and feels great, plushands-onpracticewithalphabet a no-slip bottom for stability.Arrange them all any way you wantfor askills!Yougetafoamball,plus super-sensory way to build gross motor skills and stay active!You get26uppercaselettersin3colours. 6 stones in 6 colours; each stone is 4" high and 6 12 " wide. 139.95 Each letter measures 5 12 ". 139.95LAKESHORE HOP-ALONG BALLSThese Hop-Along Balls are big on bounce and full of nonstop, muscle-building fun!Perfect for use indoors or outside on the grass, the balls feature specially designed, easy-grip handles that provide maximum comfort and controland theyre flexible, so they couldnt be safer for children. The balls inflate and deflate with theWC218 inflator (sold separately on page 19).Available in 3 sizes.RA667\x1fSmallGreen ball is 15" in diameter. 34.95RA668\x1fMediumRed ball is 18" in diameter. 39.95RA669\x1fLargeBlue ball is 22" in diameter.49.95RA191\x1fBEGINNERS BALANCE BEAMSChildren love these sturdy beams that help build balance & coordinationstep-by-step!The 3 rugged plastic beams easily connect to 4 big bases, forming a stable walkway thats just 3 12 " off the ground.The 32" beams feature a textured surface that prevents slippingand they connect at any angle, so kids can walk straight and winding paths! 329.95Lakeshore'