b'Arts & Crafts 155INDOOR/OUTDOORPAINTING CENTRES FOR 4Now up to 4 kids can paint at onceindoors or out!Just clip on some paper, or let kids paint right on the wipe-clean acrylic surfaces.With locking casters, 4 supply trays, 16 easel clips and 2 sturdy dowels for hanging art to dry.Each easel measures 30"w x 30"d x 48"h;painting surfaces are 21" x 24".Easy assembly.(Shown.)EE146Primary Colours1,049.95EE148Natural Colours 1,049.95TODDLER PAINTING CENTRES FOR 4Similar to our painting centres above, but without castersand sized just fortoddlers!Eachmeasures 30"w x 30"d x 42"h.Easy assembly.EE146 EE148 EE147Primary Colours 979.95EE149Natural Colours 979.95LE271\x1fGIANT STENCILS SET VR717WASHABLE LIQUIDLE465\x1fSPRAY BOTTLES - SET OF 8Childrencreatepicture-perfectimagesofWATERCOLOUR ASSORTMENT Spray, paintanddesignwithchild-sizedbottles animals, vehicles, dinosaurs, outer space andBright and washable from skin and clothes,that inspire kids creativity!Simply fill each durable morewiththesegiantwipe-cleanstencils!these liquid watercolours are ideal for kids!plastic bottle with diluted water-based paintthen Kids just colour them in with paints, markers,Set includes 8 bottles in 8 colours; each bot- squeeze the trigger to spray a fine mist or an even crayonsorpencils.Setincludes36plastictle is 4 ounces. 46.95 stream of colour onto paper!Eight 11-oz. bottles.stencils; each measures 5 58 " x 6".39.95 Paint sold sep. 51.95HEAVY-DUTY PAINT APRONSProtect childrens clothes during their mess- LC323 Toddler Vinyl Paint Smock - Blue14.95iest activities!These wipe-clean, waterproof aprons are made of extra-rugged vinyl toLC37 Mid-Sleeved Adjustable Paint Apron - Red 16.95stand up to years of use.Choose from Adjustable Aprons, each with a handy beltLC65 Adjustable Vinyl Paint Apron - Yellow 15.95that adjusts for artists of all sizesor a Toddler Smock, with a simple closure thatLC2915 Adjustable Vinyl Paint Apron - Red 15.95tots can fasten themselves and a handy design that covers them from front to back!LC37 LC2915 SUPER-LIGHTWEIGHT LC65 PAINT APRONSHere are light-weight aprons so comfortable, kids LC323 hardly know theyre wearing them!The slip-on aprons are made of soft, flexible vinyl, so theyre extra-comfy and easy to wipe clean.Plus, each one has an adjustable hook & loop belt to give all artists a perfect fit!Choose from 3 colours.CG584Adjustable Apron - Blue 10.95CG582Adjustable Apron - Red 10.95CG586Adjustable Apron - Yellow 10.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'