b'Arts & Crafts 157PEOPLE COLOURSCRAYONSBring inclusiveness and diversity into every class-roomwith our crayons that come in just about all the colours that peo-ple do!Kids can draw their friends and family and make great self-portraitswhether they are peach, ebony or something in between. Each set includes 24 dif-ferent crayons in a plastic storage case.Standard crayons are 3 12 " long and 14 " in diameter.Jumbo crayons are 4 12 " longLA416\x1fCLASSROOM CARRY-ALLand12 " in diameter. Theres no better way to organize art centres and craft projects! Lightweight, portable and handy as can be, our convenient carry-Size Each Set Dozen Sets all comes with 8 plastic storage cups that are perfect for all kinds Standard LC360 14.45 LC360Z 169.95 of art suppliesfrom pipe stems and craft sticks to crayons and Jumbo LC363 22.45 LC363Z 264.95 scissors.The kid-safe metal carry-all measures 7 18 " x 14" wide. Supplies not included.56.95BEGINNING SKILLS RUBBING PLATES RA421\x1fRubbing VR112\x1fANIMAL FINGER CRAYONSChildrenexplorelettersounds,boostcountingCrayons - Set of 40 Nowkidscandrawwithcolourfulanimal skills and moreas they colour!They simply placecompanionsfromcatsandmonkeysto paper over each 4" x 6 12 " plastic plate and rub withOur extra-thick, paper- cows, tigers and more!This big set includes a crayon to reveal upper- & lowercase letters A-Zless crayons are perfect24easy-gripfingercrayonsin24different or numbers 1-20, plus corresponding images! for use with our rubbingcolours, each featuring a super-cute animal \x1f plates.40 crayons inface!Perfect for small hands, the stackable EE626AlphabetSet of 26. 37.95 8 bright colours; each1JJ126 \x1f Numbers & measures 2 38 ". 21.95 crayons measure 24 " in length. 28.95CountingSet of 20. 31.95LA926 \x1f LAKESHORE JUMBO COLOURED PENCILSLittle hands have no trouble grasping these chunky coloured pencils!Eachjumbo38 "-thickpencilis made to last and last.Set of 12 nontoxic pencils in a storage box; each is 7". 19.95LC386 \x1f PEOPLE COLOURS JUMBO PENCILSJustlikeourjumbopencils above, only in 12 realistic People Colours!Set of 12 nontoxic pencils; each is 7". 19.95 TW506 \x1f Manual Jumbo PencilLA796\x1fBEST-BUY COLOURED PENCILS - CLASS PACKYou get 300 pencils25 each of the Sharpener 38 "sharpener works with pencils12 colours shown. Nontoxic, 7" pencils come pre-sharpened in a compartmentalized box with a lid. 159.952and crayons up to38 " thick.(Not shown.) 3.95 LA797\x1fBest-Buy Coloured Pencils - Set of 12In 12 colours; nontoxic. 7.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'