b'206 MathBASIC SKILLSDD190X\x1fNUTS ABOUT MATH! - COMPLETE SETBoost early math skillswith nuts and bolts kids cant wait to get their hands on! Children just choose a bolt and twist on the nuts, matching numbers to quantities through 10, creating patterns or sorting by colourand building fine mo-tor skills as they learn.Plus, the molded plastic nuts and bolts feature a quick-release design, so its a cinch to remove the nuts and start again!You get all 3 sets; largest bolt measures 7 12 ". 184.95Each set is also available separately.DD372\x1fCountingIncludes 10 bolts and 55 nuts.(Shown.) 62.95DD192\x1fPatterningIncludes 6 bolts and 60 nuts. 62.95DD191\x1fSortingIncludes 8 bolts and 48 nuts. 62.95TT360XMAGNETIC MATH ACTIVITY TINS - COMPLETE SETMath skills really stick with our all-in-one magnetic mathtinswherethelidbecomestheactivity board!Children just lift the magnetic lid off the sturdy storage tin, flip it over and place an activity mat inside.Then they use the easy-grip magnets to fill in the blanksand get hands-on practice with identifyingshapes,simpleaddition,number sequencingand more!Set of all 4 tins, each with 15matsand12-25magnets.Tinsmeasure 8 34 " x 10 34 ". 269.95Each tin is also available separately.TT361Shapes 67.95TT364Simple Addition 67.95TT362Measurement 67.95TT365 Numbers & Counting(Shown.) 67.95TT600X\x1fMAGNETIC MATH LEARNING RODS - COMPLETE SETJJ779\x1fBUTTON SORTING CENTREMagnetic rods give kids tons of practice with counting, size discrimination and shapeStudents sort these bright, chunky buttons by a variety sorting!Each durable wooden rod is magneticand shows a number, shape or size forof attributesgiving them focused, hands-on practice with kids to match.Kids simply place magnets right on each rodto count airplanes from 1toconcepts like big and small, geometric shapes, counting and 10, match a clock to the shape of a circle, sort adorable insects by sizeand more!Allmore!Our ready-to-use centre includes 120 plastic buttons and 3 sets; largest rod is 11 12 ". 227.95 15 different activity matsstudents just place the buttons onto TT609\x1fShape Sorting8 rods and 40 magnets.(Shown.) 76.95 each mat to sort by size, shape, colour and number of holes. TT608\x1fSize Sorting9 rods and 45 magnets.76.95 Mats are 10" x 13"; with activity ideas. 69.95TT607\x1fCounting10 rods and 60 magnets. 76.95Lakeshore'