b'Infants & Toddlers 145AA478 LA751 LA752 LA766LA745X\x1fTODDLER MANIPULATIVE LIBRARY 2Toddlers build fineAA478 \x1fPuzzle Builders60 pieces; each is 3 34 ". 97.95motor skills as they use fun-shaped blocks to assemble towers, stack and buildLA751 \x1fFish Builders60 builders; each is 4 14 ". 114.95with cute fish, twist together chunky shapes and more!You get all 4 setsforLA752 \x1fJumbo Nuts & Bolts80 pieces; longest is 6 14 ". 114.95a total of 230 plastic shapeseach in a 14 12 " x 11 34 " x 7 12 " tote. 409.95 LA766 \x1fTower Builders30 pieces; each is 5 58 ". 93.95AA928\x1f TODDLER LACING KEYSKidsbuildfinemotorcontrolandFR263 \x1f FEEL & ROLLPP881\x1fMY FIRST POP BEADSeye/hand coordinationand getBUMPY BALLSWith stimulatingAA823\x1fSEE-INSIDEJust press, popand build!Beads hands-oncounting&colour-sortingtextures and bright colours, theseSENSORY BLOCKSTots get asnap together and rotate for hours of practiceas they slide colourful keysballs are ideal for sensory exploration!hands-on sensory experience with ourbuilding fun, whether kids are linking onto big key rings!You get 50 tod- Each is made of all-natural, nontoxicsee-inside blocks!The 12 easy-grip,simplechainsorbuildingunique dler-friendlykeys in5colours,plusrubber and covered in a fuzzy fabricbaby-safe blocks are filled with ballscreations.The32texturedplastic 10 ringsall made of durable plastickids love.Plus, theyre easy to grip,in 3 sizes and 4 coloursand theybeads fit perfectly in small hands and and sized for little hands.Keys mea- toss and bounce!Set of 4; largestmakeintriguingsoundswitheverycome in 4 bright colours.Largest is sure 3 12 ". 37.95 ball measures 5". 64.95 shake!Blocks measure 2". 69.95 approx. 3 12 ".With a guide. 49.95EE788\x1fLETS GO FISHING! DS122\x1fPOP & PLAY PLAYSETEven beginners canSENSORY DIMPLLittle ones make a catch every time withTB317\x1fTODDLERBC553\x1fSEE-INSIDEcantresistpushing,pressingand our no-fail fishing set!It featuresTAMBOURINESToddlers tap outSORTING BUCKET popping this dimpled tray!The easy-10 soft cloth fish in lots of colours,tonsofcatchyrhythmswithtop- Tots slide 12 shapes into the holes ongrip tray features super-soft silicone plus a child-safe pole thats easyquality 6 12 " tambourines!Each has anthis see-inside bucketand watchdimples in various sizes.Kids just for tots to hold.Kids just stick theeasy-grip plastic handle, plus 4 pairsthem fall to the bottom!As little onespush them in and outfor endless pole into the see-inside bowlandofmetalcymbalsallpermanentlyplay, they explore spatial relation- tactile exploration and development of the hook & loop tip sticks to theencased for safety and durability.Setships and build dexterity.Plasticfine motor skills!Easy-clean, BPA-free fish!Vinyl bowl is 10". 81.95 of 4 tambourines in 4 colours. 66.95 bucket measures 7 14 " tall. 31.95 plastic tray measures 5 34 ". 26.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'