b'198 LanguageLANGUAGE TOOLSLL869 \x1f MAGNETIC LL786\x1fDOUBLE-SIDEDWRITE & WIPE MINI BOARD MAGNETIC WRITE & WIPEJJ386\x1fDOUBLE-SIDED Ourcompact,dual-functioningMINI BOARDKids stick mag- KC60\x1fWRITE & WIPE LEARN TO PRINT WRITE & WIPEboard is write & wipe and mag- netic letters & numbers on the blankLAPBOARDStudents write or drawBOARD A writing and drawing neticanditsversatiledesignside of the boardor flip it over andon our dry-erase lapboard, then simplyboardin one!Our wipe-clean board makes it ideal for tabletop use practice writing on the permanentwipe the board clean without a trace!has permanent baselines on one side or for little ones laps!Temperedbaselines.Both sides are magnetic!The 9" x 12" board is perfectly sized forand blank drawing space on the other.hardboard; 5" x 7". 6.95 Tempered hardboard; 5" x 7". 8.95 children and sturdy enough for them toTempered hardboard; 9" x 12". 13.95LL869X \x1f MagneticLL786X\x1fDouble-Sideduse right on their laps. 7.95 JJ386SET\x1fDouble-Sided Write & Wipe Mini Board -Magnetic Write & WipeKC70\x1fWrite & WipeLearn to Print Write & Wipe Set of 10 68.95 Mini Board - Set of 10 87.95 Lapboard - Set of 10 77.95 Board - Set of 10 136.95RR423\x1fWRITE & WIPE ALPHABET STAMPS LAPBOARD ERASERS - Our big, bold letter stamps have easy-to-grasp han- SET OF 10 These easy-dles.Each set contains 26 letter stamps, plus 4grip erasers let students wipe lapboards clean in a flash!The punctuation stamps, all packed in a compartmental- kid-sized erasers are 2 14 " and ized storage box.Largest measures78 ". have wooden handles. 24.95 PP476 \x1f MAGNETIC DISPLAY SHELVESPP421\x1fUppercase 34.95 TE612\x1fJumbo Write & Our incredibly sturdy shelves stick to any magnetic surface PP420\x1fLowercase 34.95 Wipe Crayons - Set of 8and stay right where you put themmaking it easy to display LL172BK\x1fBlack Stamp Pad Perfect for use on most write &books and other classroom materials!Plus, each extra-deep This nontoxic ink washes right off skin andwipe surfaces, these dry-eraseshelf is super-strongso even heavy, bulky items are always clothesfor quick and easy cleanups!Stamp padcrayons wipe off with ease.Setright within reach!Set comes complete with 2 durable plastic measures 2 14 " x 3 12 ".(Not shown.) 9.95 of 8 crayons in 8 colours. 9.95 shelves; each measures 18 12 "w x 2 14 "d x 4 14 "h. 69.95MAGNETIC LETTERS & NUMBERS WORD BUILDING MAGNETIC LETTERS GIANT MAGNETIC LETTERS & NUMBERSIdeal for hands-on practice, our chunky plastic lettersChildren get all the practice they need toOur jumbo letters and numbers are perfect for and numbers stick to any magnetic surface!Lettermaster word buildingone sound at aexploring concepts with the whole class!Letter sets contain 35 consonants and 13 vowels, andtime!Each set has 48 magnetic letters,sets come with 28 consonants and 12 vowels; the number set features numbers 0-9all in anwith colour-coded consonants and vowelsnumber set includes numbers 0-9, plus operation assortment of colours.Each uppercase letter is 1 38 ". to make word building a breeze.Plasticsigns.Chunky plastic; 2 12 "-2 34 " tall.LC206\x1fUppercaseSet of 48. 13.95 letters measure 1"-1 12 ". LC176\x1fUppercaseSet of 40.22.95LC207\x1fLowercaseSet of 48.13.95 LC356\x1fUppercaseSet of 48. 13.95 LC177\x1fLowercaseSet of 40. 22.95LC208\x1fNumbersSet of 50.13.95 LC357\x1fLowercaseSet of 48. 13.95 LC178\x1fNumbersSet of 40. 22.95Lakeshore'