b'64 Music & MovementFN2924C\x1f LISTENINGLA802 \x1f 8-STATION CENTRE HEADPHONES JUNCTION BOX WITH Classroom-qualityheadphonesVOLUME CONTROLSspecially sized for kids!Our durableThis convenient junction box has headphones have wipe-clean earindividual volume controls that cushions that provide an extra-comfylet students adjust their own fitplus adjustable, no-stretch vinylsound level.With14 " jacks for headbands that will never lose theirheadphones.(Shown.) 51.95shape.With14 " and18 " adaptor plugs. LA803 \x1f 8-Station Each29.95Junction Box Without FN2924CX\x1fListening Centre Volume Controls Like our Headphones - Set of 8Perfect junc tion box above, only withoutwith our junction box (at right). 229.95 the volume controls. 32.95DD611\x1fWHOOS LISTENING HEADPHONESSuper-durableheadphonessized just for kids!With an adjustable, Available in no-stretchvinylheadbandandLA620\x1fALL-IN-ONE CD PLAYER WITH BLUETOOTHThis do-it-all player features a comfy,wipe-cleanearcushions,built-in junction box and BLUETOOTH wireless technology!Our compact CD player has 8 evenly blue or green! theseclassroom-qualityhead- spaced14 " headphone jacksto make it easy for kids to gather around and listen.Plus, 4 speakers phones are sure to be a listening centre favourite. help broadcast sound all around the classroom when kids arent using headphones.The player even With14 " and18 " adaptor plugs.Please specify colour:has an anti-skip feature and BLUETOOTH technology that lets you wirelessly stream music from blue or green. Each32.95 BLUETOOTH devices, such as smartphones and tablets.Includes an AC wall adaptor or runs on DD612X\x1fWhoos Listening8 AA batteries (not included).Player measures 7 12 " x 7 12 ".Headphones sold separately. 284.95Headphones - Set of 8 FN2924CX\x1fListening Centre Headphones - Set of 8Please specify colour:blue or green. 259.95 For complete details, see above left. 229.95YH10DX\x1fBEST OF GREG & STEVE CD LIBRARY EB875X\x1fMULTICULTURAL CD LIBRARYThis collection features lively songs and movement activities that buildCelebrate diversity and teach tolerance and respect for otherswith coordination, muscle control, balance and more!All 5 CDs.154.95 fun-to-sing songs, lively music and more!All 5 CDs.139.95YH8D \x1fKids in Motion 31.95 FR768D\x1fMulticultural Childrens Songs 32.95 FT569D\x1fKids in Action 31.95 EB871 \x1fWorld Travels:World Music for Kids29.95GC113D\x1fShake, Rattle & Rock 31.95 EB872\x1fSongs of Our World 29.95YH1D \x1fWe All Live Together:Volume 131.95 KIM9326\x1fMulticultural Movement Fun24.95YH2D \x1fWe All Live Together:Volume 231.95 EB723D\x1fChildren of the World24.95Lakeshore'