b"Furniture 113Our incredibly durable classroom CLASSROOM CARPETScarpets are guaranteed for 10 full years!COLOURS OF NATURE CLASSROOM CARPETS HH672\x1fColours of Nature Carpet for 20Add a calming natural touch to any classroom spacewith soft, plush carpets inspiredOur 6' x 9' carpet is just the right size for groups of by nature!Each carpet features big, bold leaves that provide organized student seating up to 20 children. 689.95and theyre made of soil-resistant nylon with heavy-duty binding for years of classroom use.HH673\x1fColours of Nature Carpet for 30Carpets meet a Class I rating of NFPA 253 and the fire-resistance standards of the UniformThe9'x12'carpetisidealforgroupsofupto Building Code.Guaranteed for 10 years. 30 children.(Shown.) 1,149.95PLAY & LEARN NATURE ACTIVITY CARPETS GG442\x1fPlay & Learn Nature Carpet - 6' x 9'Our inviting carpets provide the perfect place for children to explore letters and numbers!The 6' x 9' carpet is perfect for reading corners and Featuring soothing colours and a nature-inspired theme, each classroom-tough carpet comessmall-group learning. 689.95with an activity guide that helps kids build skills as they engage with the alphabet border,GG443\x1fPlay & Learn Nature Carpet - 9' x 12'numbered lily pads and more.These heavy-duty carpets are stain-resistant, with binding thatThe 9' x 12' carpet works great with the entire class! lasts.Each carpet meets a Class I rating of NFPA 253 and the fire-resistance standards of the(Shown.) 1,149.95Uniform Building Code.Guaranteed for 10 years.Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca"