b'Active Play 13RAINBOW SCHOOL PARACHUTESThese durable parachutes encourage non-competitive, cooperative play.As kids make the parachutes billow, they strengthen shoulder, arm and hand muscles, refine motor skills and develop a sense of rhythm. The tough, lightweight nylon parachutes each feature reinforced handholds and come in a drawstring storage bag. LC4205\x1fRainbow Parachute - 6\'Handholds for 8 children. 57.95LC4206\x1fRainbow Parachute - 12\'Handholds for 10 children.(Shown.) 124.95LC4207\x1fRainbow Parachute - 20\'Handholds for 18 children.249.95CD421D\x1fShakin the Chute CDThis playful CD includes 13 songs and activitiesforparachuteplayincluding Popcorn Parachute, Rockin the Chute, The Parachute March and more! 19.95LAKESHORE HEAVY-DUTYHeavy-duty PLAY TUNNELSThese extra-ruggedconstruction tunnels are tough enough for years ofprovidesplayand made to last!Each durable,superior school-quality tunnel has a sturdy steeldurability!frame that keeps its shape year after year, plus a heavy-duty nylon cover that completely conceals the frame, so kids stay safe.The tunnels even compress for storage! LA245\x1fPlay TunnelExtra-tough nylon tunnel stretches to 6\' long and is 19" in diameter. 149.95LA244\x1fGiant Play Tunnel Durable nylon tunnel stretches to 9\' long and measures 22" in diameter. 209.95LA243\x1fSuper-Size Play TunnelThis roomy nylon tunnel is a giant 28" inLA245 LA244 LA243diameter and 9\' long. 299.95LL257\x1fGIANT ALPHABET STEPPING-STONESWith our giantLL258\x1fGIANT NUMBER STEPPING-STONESJust like our popular stepping-stones, kids can step their way from A to Z, developing balance andGiant Alphabet Stepping-Stones at leftbut with numbers!Kids count from coordination along the way!Perfect for use indoors or out, each durable1 to 20building number recognition, counting skills, coordination and bal-plastic stone features an uppercase letter printed right on top and a safe,ance with every step!Each rugged stone has a number on top and a nonskid nonskid surface on bottom for extra stability.Plus, the stones come in 2 heightssurface on bottom for safe play indoors and out.You get 20 plastic stones in for an added challenge!Set of 26; tall stones are 8" x 9" x 5" high. 499.95 3 different colours and 2 heights.Tall stones are 8" x 9" x 5" high. 399.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'